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Hello peoples :)

I am a derpy Guild Wars 2 player and officer of [Oops];I play on the [Blackgate] server. Hope to see you ingame! :D (just like to mention though, that the opinions expressed on this blog are my opionions. Not my guild's :) You can poke me ingame if you want to chat or to party! 8D (Lavren is the best bet.)

Also! If you feel like you want to join our crazyawesome guild, Check you're on an NA server (._. sorry) and send me a ingame mail/tumblr ask :D

May your aggro be unexpected and overwhelmning

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Feb 9 '13

Evenyah wuz a Poplar 1 (4 citri)

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    im crying
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    we’re done here
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    "conspuraccy therori; citri had saidra killd by her budz the mursaat so she could has Elvennyah" YOU FOUND ME OUT...